Your home or place of business is a very important asset that not only represents your personal taste, but it is also a major investment.  All Ohio Masonry Restoration provides both residential tuckpointing and commercial tuckpointing services to customers in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas.  We specialize in both solid and spot tuckpointing services that will rejuvenate and protect your investment.

What is tuckpointing and why is it needed?

Tuckpointing is a process in which you repair the brick by first removing the existing mortar from the damaged joint and then “tuck” the new mortar into the joint. It is a specialized skill and should only be performed by experienced and knowledgeable masonry professionals.

Tuckpointing becomes necessary when mortar develops cracks and holes. These voids come from various causes such as the entrance of water into hairline cracks, which during the winter can freeze and expand, widening the hole.  Tuckpointing can prevent further damage to the surrounding brick as well as prevent leaking into your house.

All Ohio Masonry Restoration has been repairing, tuckpointing and restoring brick in Columbus, Ohio for 40 years. If the brick on your Central Ohio home or business is in need of repair let us provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.