Spalling Brick Repair and Replacement

Brick is known for its durability, but time and the elements can cause bricks to crumble or flake, a condition commonly referred to as spalling.  In Columbus, Ohio we are used to frigid winters, sweltering hot summers and everything in between.

Spalling is caused when the masonry absorbs too much moisture from rain/snow and is subjected to freeze/thaw cycles. Spalling bricks have cracks and breaks in the surface and often large, crater- shaped chips.  These bricks need to be repaired or replaced.  Another indication of spalling is the loss of surface materials (debris found on lawn, driveway, etc.).

Spalling often occurs around chimneys and brick window sills.  The best way to avoid brick spalling is to eliminate the moisture.  If the area around your chimney crown is cracked or the cap itself is defective, this allows water to seep into the brickwork below.  Open mortar joints and cracks in the mortar also cause water to penetrate the bricks.

If you think you may have spalling brick, please let the Central Ohio experts at All Ohio Masonry provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.