Chimney Crown

How do you know if you need a new chimney crown or chimney cap?  After serving Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas for 40 years, allow our experts at All Ohio Masonry Restoration answer your questions and help make your home as safe and efficient as possible.  The chimney crown or chimney cap on your chimney may not appear important from the ground, but it is critical in keeping your chimney sound and your house dry.  A chimney crown serves as a protective covering for the chimney against harsh weather.  It covers and seals the top of the chimney from the flue liner to the chimney edge. Due to their location high above the roofline where there is very little protection from the elements, chimney crowns often need repaired.

The deterioration of a chimney crown is most commonly due to water and constantly changing temperatures that can cause cracks. These get worse with the continuous freezing and thawing cycles during the course of the year in Central Ohio.

The crown should provide a downward slope that will direct the water from the flue to the edge of the crown. Some chimney crowns are in such bad shape that they must be removed and completely rebuilt. However, if not allowed to deteriorate too far, most crowns can be repaired. We start by patching the cracks and deterioration with proper repair mortar or cement. We then cover the crown with a flexible waterproofing sealant that will protect it from water damage for many years to come.

Time after time, chimney maintenance is neglected and chimneys only get serviced once an issue has occurred.  Contact the Columbus, Ohio chimney experts today to discuss your needs, answer questions and to receive a FREE ESTIMATE.