Damper Repair / Replacement

How do you know if you need a damper repaired or replaced?  Since serving Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area for 40 years, allow us to answer your questions and help make your home as safe and efficient as possible.

Dampers are installed in wood-burning stove, just over the firebox opening. The damper, when opened, lets hot air and smoke escape into the chimney. Dampers should always be closed when the fire is out and opened when a fire is burning. If they are left open when the fire is out, the warm air from the house escapes up the chimney, thus wasting energy.

For a fireplace damper to work properly it must be a snug fit, seal properly and it must also be in one piece. A common problem with dampers is that over time they can become damaged as a result of heat, smoke and flames which will come into contact with the damper.

If your damper cracks or becomes damaged then it will not work as well as it would otherwise.  A broken or inefficient damper will cause your house to feel cold and drafty and cost much more to heat. The action of hot air rising will cause your heat to go up the chimney while cold air is also pulled into the house.  Sometimes the handles or hinges break and they can become a nuisance or a hassle to use properly.

Please call All Ohio Masonry Restoration to inspect your damper and gauge its efficiency in keeping warm air in and cold air out. If the fireplace damper is not working properly, a new one will save you money for many years.  Call the chimney and fireplace company that serves the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas today to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE.