Stucco Repair

While stucco is tough and normally stands up well to an impact, it is brittle in nature so it can crack or even have a chunk break right off. Once there’s a crack in the stucco exterior, moisture can be trapped underneath and the exterior walls can begin to deteriorate.  Most stucco deterioration is the result of water infiltration into the building structure, either through the roof, around chimneys, window and door openings, or excessive ground water penetrating through, or splashing up from the foundation. If you leave these cracks and holes in the stucco, moisture will seep beneath the stucco siding.

Water infiltration will cause wood lath to rot, and metal lath and nails to rust, which eventually will cause stucco to lose its bond and pull away from its substrate.

Rescue your home from impending moisture damage by keeping your stucco in good repair. Even little cracks could become serious quickly, so maintain your stucco.  Let All Ohio Masonry Restoration provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for any of your stucco needs.

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