Chimney Brick / Stone Repair

The very features that can give a home its “personality” are also the areas that may require some repair as years pass.  Even the most solid brick wall will need care eventually. The experts at All Ohio Masonry Restoration are committed to meeting your needs with a suitable balance of safety, beauty and economy.

Sometimes even the toughest things can break or give out and bricks are no exception. When water gets trapped below the surface of a brick, it can crack and crumble over time therefore needing to be replaced or repaired.  A loose or broken brick/stone in a wall or chimney not only looks bad, it can provide an opening for further damage.

If you have damaged brick or stone please call All Ohio Masonry Restoration.  After serving Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas for 40 years, allow us to help make your home as safe, efficient and beautiful as possible.  Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE.